Posted on 26-Apr-2019

Eyespy Home Inspections

Don't unintentionally buy this!
Spring is usually that time of year where people get the itch to move. You may have to move for your job or your family got bigger or smaller.
Whatever the case, get a home inspection! Not a walk through or a modified 5 point inspection. You need a complete home inspection.
Sure it will take 2 - 3 hours but aren't you and your family worth it?
We have been hearing that buyers are still being subjected to things like, you need a clean offer, get a quick inspection before you make an offer!
Home inspectors who perform these minimal inspections without a report isn't worth the paper it is written on, hence no value!
It is not ethical for an inspector to perform these shortened inspections according to the Standards of Practice CSA standard A770.
What this means for the inspector is they are wide open to be sued and above all they are not protecting you! This type of inspection may void their insurance. These are the inspectors to avoid!
Realtors as well, are supposed to do their due diligence (code of ethics) and protect you (buyer) by helping provide the best service to make an informed position.
We have heard so many complaints from disgruntled home buyers that they got an expensive lemon.
We wish we could help! If there was not a complete inspection, carried out by a Certified Home Inspector with a written report we can do very little.
Do your due diligence and protect your investment, it's on you.
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