Posted on 11-Jun-2019

Eyespy Home Inspections

Don't become a mislead victim!
Some home inspectors are offering 4 or 5 point inspections for quick sales or pre-listing inspections. These are NOT complete home inspections. This is being used to facilitate the thought that the home is being inspected properly, it is not!
Who benefits from this type of inspection or no inspection? NOT THE BUYER and it's your money!
Our Government passed the Home Inspection Act 2 years ago to license home inspectors in order to protect the public (Consumer protection). Our Government has spent Millions on developing the CSA - A770 in which to govern inspectors on what needs to be done at a minimum in a Home Inspection (Consumer protection, Accountability).
So why is it that these 4 or 5 point inspections are happening? Cheap, no rules or regulations and most importantly, to create sales and instill false Consumer protection.
What can you do? Several things: Get a complete inspection with a report, find your own inspector, check the inspector's credentials and that he is working to the A770 standard. Don't hire the cheapest "inspector" most are around $400+ depending on size, age, and location.

Contact your local MPP and ask them why they have not implemented licensing...are you not a consumer?

The MPP's need to do their job! (Consumer protection) Why would you trust incomplete information? Remember you will live in the house ..not the Realtor...not the MPP so CHOOSE your inspector wisely! The link below shows that the standard is there!
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