Posted on 02-Jul-2018

Eyespy Home Inspections

Home Inspectors save lives!

As home inspectors, we have a duty to the buyer who hires us. I also believe as do many other inspectors that we have a duty to the present home owner to inform them if we come across something unsafe.
The example above was from a very recent inspection. I noticed aluminum wire in the panel which is another blog but see the wire that is all melted and scorched. Yes we have a very serious overload which needs immediate attention.
I informed the Realtor who gladly called the listing Realtor and described the situation and he forwarded it on to the present owner.
Before I was done the elderly home owner came home early to thank me on behalf of his family.
The corrections were made and the purchase went through and everyone is safe and happy.
We are not heroes but we are conscientiousness! Call Eyespy Home Inspections today!
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