Posted on 09-Jun-2020

Eyespy Home Inspections

Some Home inspectors say they are licensed!

I have noticed that several " home inspectors " have used the word licensed in their about description! This is a fraudulent statement when it deceiving clients into thinking they are licensed home inspectors. Licensing for home inspectors has not yet occurred in Ontario Yet! I am tired of seeing these so-called "licensed home inspectors" advertise that they are indeed licensed, maybe as something else but not as a home inspector.
Criminals! Fraudulent! Deceptive!

We have been trying with the Government since 2012 to get home inspectors licensed, the bill has passed (2017) but is NOT in effect yet. I repeat not in effect!
My point being, that if you see that a home inspector says they are licensed, my advice is to move on quickly! I have seen it more and more, references as to being a licensed period, as what a dog trainer?

The website information or Ad is not correct! So if they deceive you on their website, what makes you believe that they are going to give you a true, concise home inspection! If a home inspector says they inspect to national standards, ask who's standards. Canada's is the CSA-A 770 and make sure that it is noted in your report.
Look for designations which include CCHI, (Certified Canadian Home Inspector) NCH (National Certificate Holder) RHI (Registered Home Inspector) these are Canadian recognized designations by Canadians for Canadians.
Remember it is your money, spend it wisely!
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