Posted on 16-Mar-2020

Eyespy Home Inspections

Part 1)
The risks of walk-through inspection with verbal reporting only.
Verbal Report is not worth the paper it’s written on!
The client, if they are buying, they cannot use verbal comments to justify their decisions to the seller.
The seller, conversely, may choose not to disclose material facts presented to them verbally. There is no evidence, in the form of a written report, that categorically proves a seller was aware of the defect.
Additionally, Realtors may be putting themselves at risk.
If a Realtor refers, to their client, an inspector who performs these types of inspections, they are not acting in the best interests of that client.
Knowing there will be no written report means the Realtor is allowing their client to solicit services from an inspector they referred to, who has performed a sub-standard service. It also means that, if defects are found, the client has no choice but to either accept the defects or back out of the deal. With no written report, evidence of the defect cannot be given to the selling parties to negotiate a price, alteration or request repairs.

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