Posted on 28-Jul-2019

Eyespy Home Inspections

Are you looking for a house?
Usually, your first stop is a Realtor or Real Estate office. I am going to offer some sound advice mostly aimed at first-time buyers but good advice for all.
To save disappointment the first thing I would do is get your finances in order. My personal advice would be to avoid banks and deal directly with a broker such as
I have used this service and found it to be an almost enjoyable experience compared to a bank.
The next thing I would look at is some house information and links (lots of info)
My next step would be to look for a Certified Home Inspector and their verified accreditations.
Now you are ready to look for a house! You know how much you can spend and you are already approved, you have learned some information about houses and how they work and you have an established Home Inspector.
Finding a good Realtor is important, again look for their yearly sales record and accreditations.
I do advise against using the listing agent as your buying agent. (double ending) This is my personal opinion as I do not think that any individual can represent both parties in an unbiased manner.
These thoughts are solely my opinion based on my years in the industry and personal home purchases.
Feel free to call anytime, I always return calls to those that have left a message.
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