Posted on 16-Mar-2020

Eyespy Home Inspections

Part 2)
Waiving the home inspection
In both the above cases, even if the Inspector has what they believe is an iron-clad contract absolving them from liability with respect to failure to report, the outcome will again be, at best, a poor reputation, and at worst a lawsuit that will end up with the inspector in court, and possibly the Realtor being dragged into the suit because of a Code of Ethics violation.

A case showing how a Home Inspector was sued based upon verbal instructions at an inspection can be read about here. Once again it shows that the Realtor was dragged into the case, cleared but still had to defend. The main report was written, but the verbal portion was disputed and went against the inspector. For the small portion that was disputed the Inspector was found liable for over $18,000. Imagine, what might have been the outcome if the whole inspection had been verbal?
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