Posted on 30-Oct-2018

Eyespy Home Inspections

In My opinion!
So the Real Estate Board has announced a new process! It may work to the consumers benefit if done correctly. They claim that houses are sold in Australia in the form of an auction which is true but, there is also a complete home inspection before the sale so everything is honest.

The Real Estate industry may claim that you will have time to get an inspection in the week before an auction so $400-$500 on a home you may not purchase/win!
Not having a home inspection did not bode well for consumers purchasing a home in the last couple years when they purchased a house without a home inspection. Where did that idea come from?

The idea that is being spun here is "transparency" which is great but is it just smoke and mirrors!

If the Real Estate Industry really want to be transparent, get the home inspection and a radon test with every listing! This is a simple concept everyone wants what they pay for .. no headaches!
The reality is this is just another way to sell houses at YOUR expense.

And who sets the starting point of the bidding? Just another way to get contacts? I think our Consumer Advocate needs to get involved.

Can you buy a safe car without a safety inspection?

You can buy a house that may burn down!

So I am all for an auction, but done correctly!
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