Posted on 20-Feb-2020

Eyespy Home Inspections

Cheap Home Inspections, it's your money!
It's no secret that franchises have to make money especially U.S. franchises in Canada. We have CSA A770 in place to give a minimum quality of care to home buyers. The U.S. based franchises don't abide by it because of our Government's inability to put licensing into effect.
I found this new sales pitch on a U.S. franchise website here in Ontario:
With OnDemand, you don’t have to wonder anymore. In just a few MOMENTS you can have a detailed report from a home inspection done by the professionals at XXXXXXXXX.
The price for an OnDemand home inspection is much lower than if you were to have an independent inspection done.
Independent (Complete?) OnDemand I thought that was used for appliances?
MOMENTS for an inspection it takes most inspectors 2 - 3 hours, Maybe half that time for 2 inspectors. So that is all you get, moments, well good luck.
Realtors will love this, BUYERS will NOT they are left holding the ball. They MAY get the house but not get what they thought they were getting.
Look at the picture of the house above, they could miss that in their MOMENT. Franchises, like Trump they don't care it's about $$$ that's all.
If anyone is interested I may start offering $99 drive-by inspections, I won't even get out of my car!
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