Posted on 07-Jan-2019

Eyespy Home Inspections

Home Inspector Licensing??

It has been well documented that the Government of Ontario has passed licensing for Home Inspectors.
It was drawn to the attention of the Gov't by consumers that they urgently need some protection when buying a home.
Fast forward, we are heading into year 2 since the act was passed and still nothing and year 6 since proposal by Ontarioachi Home Inspector Association.
What is taking those in charge so long? Licensing has been support by consumers, Home Inspectors and Realtors, everyone is all in but why is it taking so long?
I being a Home Inspector myself realize that this will be a cash grab for the Government coffers as they will put a significant price tag on the yearly license.
Licensing will remove the untrained low balling imposters from the Industry. Now that is protection!

Most have agreed on the requirements for licensing so this appears to be a no brainer.
I urge all to contact their local MPP and find out what the holdup is, certainly not the Home Inspectors fault.
Right now anyone can call themselves an inspector and charge as much or as little as they want but are you getting what you paid for?
Look for inspectors from Ontarioachi with the CCHI designation, this will assure you that you have a competent Home Inspector.
CCHI designation confirms that they have all the licensing requirements set out in BC and Alberta and then some.
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