Posted on 18-Jan-2019

Eyespy Home Inspections

Part 2 - Lipstick on a Pig!
The above picture is a home I inspected a short while ago. That black wood..yes smoke/fire damage. It was never claimed on insurance so there was no record. The owners said nothing to the listing Realtor so she had no knowledge of the existing condition.
So there was fire/smoke damage it looks like it was repaired! Yes there was a repair attempt but probably by Joe handyman. If it doesn't look right chances are it probably isn't and in this case it was not!
The potential buyers where shown the pictures and had seen enough and the respectable Realtor backed them up! They walked away!
So now as a buyer you are thinking well that cost me $4 - $500.00 and no house, but was it money well spent...absolutely!
In today's market you may be asked to forgo the home inspection...don't!
You may call for the cheapest inspector (don't) or one set up by your Realtor. Check out any inspector you use for credentials/experience.
Like in every business there are incompetent people, so choose wisely. Don't use someone who has no credentials but was a was I!

I have learned so much and do so much more than an untrained contractor can do because he lacks the expertise as an inspector. They might be great at their trade but that is their job, ask for
credentials !
Think of it like this, you wouldn't let any Joe do the brakes on your family vehicle...same applies here!
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